Ferrero Rocher Cake and 5th Blogiversary

As of April 18th, I’ve been doing this bake-and-take-pictures thing for 5 years.  Whaaaaaaat. Fo realz? Yeah homeslice, fo-realzies. I started out as “It’s the Cookie Monster” on a free-hosting website back when I was 17. I didn’t know what I was doing, all I had was a Sony point-and-shoot camera, a wooden spoon and an insatiable […]

White Chocolate Matcha Brownies

Hola Amigos! Sorry for my disappearance, I was drowned in a pile of papers, projects and chocolate wrappers but am happy to announce that I’m finally done with schooooool. I still have an internship to go before I graduate but that’s a different type of learning. Since my brain is still friedddd from writing my […]

Melting Chocolate Orbs

What do you even call these things?! I  like to call them Magical Melting Orbs of Chocolatey Goodness but I’m sure there’s a proper name?   So for a longg while, pictures of these magical orbs infiltrated my Facebook newsfeed and I just couldn’t get away from them! Glamour shots of shiny, silky, smooth and […]

Homemade Pocky

For a Chinese kid growing up in Canada, I was pretty in touch with my roots. I grew up in a mix of cultural influences, which I didn’t always appreciate at the time but do now. I used to get really annoyed when my parents would use their vetoing powers to kick me off the […]

Conversation Heart Macarons

Remember those conversation heart candies from like the 90s and early 2000s? Yeah, those reallllly chalky ones. BUT whatever they lacked in taste and texture, they sure made up for in cuteness.  Back in elementary school, my friends and I were super careful bout which messages we gave out. For example, you would never give one […]

Nutella Macarons

For my birthday, my Twinner (my term of endearment for my best friend who is always on the same wavelength as me) got me Dorie Greenspan’s newest cookbook. How he knew that I’ve been coveting that book, I’ll never know. I never even spoke of it but somehow he knew the EXACT thing that I […]

Thank You, 2014

photo taken 08.27.2014 near The Black Tusk When I won my Kitchenaid mixers in 2013, I didn’t think anything else afterwards could top that. But then 2014 came with all its surprises and obstacles and opportunities and adventures. It felt rewarding and stressful and exhilarating and enlightening and challenging and refreshing all at the same […]