Looking Back on 2015

2015 has been pretty frickin amazing and I have you to thank for that. I really mean it when I say that you guys make this blog what it is today. Content is nothing without community. Thank you for building a positive one and being there every step of the way. Cheeseballs, I know, but I’m almost done. I also want to thank my friends Food Bloggers of Canada and Mint to Inspire for their endless support.

January: The year started off with the upload of my first (and probably only) video tutorial on Youtube. It’s so painful to watch that I haven’t seen it since the editting.

Then in February I got my first publication in a German dessert magazine called Sweet Dreams Magazin for their Spring 2015 issue. They featured this recipe.

In March, all my talk about going to SE Asia became actual plans! My sister and I booked our flights so there was no turning back. With 3 other friends, we (loosely) booked our trip from beginning to end through Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. Also, a chocolate company (Chocolate.org) asked to work with me and sent samples of exotic chocolate right to my door. I felt like it was the first step to achieving my dream career in blogging and food.

Sunrise over a 1000 years of history | Bagan July 2015

In April, I finally ended a relationship that weighed heavy on me for 8 months. It took a lot of talking it out with my bestest friends to realize that I didn’t even want to be with that person. When it was over, I didn’t know that I could be so happy and light and carefree. As my friend Steph put it, “You’re yourself again. You probably didn’t feel it, but I noticed that you were actually really unhappy and fatigued by that relationship.”

May came in with the rays of sunshine and it felt so so blissful. I finished the LAST term of my undergraduate courses and took my last final exams ever. Well, not forever, I still have ONE left with the College of Dietitians.

June was full of excitement and new experiences. My work started to get recognized by BuzzFeed, Country Living Magazine and others. My trip to SE Asia was a month away and I was busy prepping with anticipation. I couldn’t wait to start exploring.

Chilling in Dhammayangyi Temple | Bagan July 2015

July came and off I went to SE Asia! It took a lot of energy for me to let go of responsibilities and be carefree for 3 weeks but I’m glad I did it. It was the most relaxed period of my life in YEARS. In the thrill of getting lost in foreign cities and forging my own paths through the desert and forest, I found happiness.

Reality hit hard in August when I returned from Asia and went straight back to work the next day. Internship was closing in on me and the bliss started to wear off. But I still made the most of it by spending time with my favourite people and reconnecting with old friends through baking. Also saw Daughtry at an outdoor concert and that left me with good feels for the next month.

September was both exciting and scary as I started my 10 month long internship. Full time work wasn’t as difficult to adjust to as I thought and I really enjoyed finally putting theory into action. Blogwise, I got to work with big brands such as Hershey’s, CLIF, and Baker’s Secret and some smaller local companie as well such as Oatbox.

Sunset | Halong Bay July 2015

October needed some shaking up. Not that internship was dull, in fact, it was so challenging that it took ALL of my energy to keep up. But I needed to feed my creative side again so I accepted my long-lost friend’s request to cater dessert for her wedding of ~150 people. It was crazy, it was awesome.

I spent a week in the private sector of dietetics in November and absolutely loved it. I’ve been extremely lucky and enjoyed all of my rotations of my internship so far. (Although… is it luck or positivity?)

Baked cupcakes for Hebe in December! She’s a celebrity/musician from Taiwan and I used to listen to her music a lot as a kid. She had a Vancouver tour and I catered some desserts for her and her crew. I also celebrated all of my siblings birthdays and turned a year older myself too. Hello 23.

Lookout Point | Halong Bay July 2015

Resolutions for the new year

  1. Be more kind to myself. I make mistakes, I let people down, I let myself down, I forget to exercise and eat well. I need to let it go with a gentle reminder, not a beating.
  2. Eat less chocolate. But if I can’t, I’ll let it go 😛 Refer to resolution #1.

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    1. right back atcha <3

  1. You totally kicked ass in 2015, Connie! And you deserved every accolade, positive experience, success and happiness. You work damned hard, you’re crazy talented and you should be so proud of yourself! I know that 2016 is going to bring even bigger and better things. Hope to see you soon in the New Year, my friend!

    1. lolol i had to google what accolade meant – resolution #3, learn bigger words to converse with Nancy! Thank you thank you thank you so much for the support and kind words. Internship has been so tough on me that I need to hear that from others to keep myself from feeling like a complete idiot these days.

  2. omigosh 2015 has been AMAZING for you, I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store!

    1. thanks girl! as lame and cheesy as this sounds, attitude reallllly helped me enjoy life more! Shit happens just gotta deal with it and if i keep it up for 2016, i’ll be good to go!

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