Apple Pie

My first pie ever! YAY!

I bought a pie pan/plate, whatever you call it, awhile ago, but I never got around to using it. My mom keeps using it for jello =.=

This pie was not hard to make, but that’s probably because I skipped a bunch of steps. You simply can’t expect me to make a pie and wait 5 hours for it to freeze and cool and stuff. You just can’t.

I failed on making the caramel sauce. Right before I left the pot of caramel to toss the apples in cinnamon, it looked GORGEOUS. So good in fact, that I was willing to take the risk of getting burnt just to have a lick of the stuff. But right when I got back to the pot, ( and I swear I only took about 30 secs to toss the apples!) the sauce became an oily mess. The butter seemed to have separated from the sugar and no matter how hard I tried to mix it all back together, it just wouldn’t work!

So then, I thought to myself, ok maybe it will fix itself in the oven after I pour this darn soupy mess over the apples.

End result: Not only did the sauce not fix itself, it just became hard pieces of sugar!

Nonetheless though, the kids really enjoyed eating those caramel pieces, and claimed they taste like candy. So yay 🙂

The crust had an excellent buttery taste (can you tell I love butter yet?) but it was only somewhat flaky. Perhaps because I cut the butter into the flour way too much and I didn’t leave enough butter chunks to create layers in the dough for flakiness. I will definitely keep that in mind next time.

As much as I like baking, I’m terrible at it. How many times have you read my blog entries and saw the words “baking fail” or “disastrous”? I bet all ten fingers on your hands are up and you’re taking off your shoes to continue counting.

I got the recipe for the pie crust from Joy The Baker, and the filling from My Baking Addiction. These are some of my favourite blogs and I visit them everyday. No jokes.

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