Bakery Date #2

Hello everyone, happy monday! Mondays are usually bleh, but not todayyy! because… I went on a bakery date!!

Elephant and I went out for breakfast! It was more like brunch though since we ate at 10am.

We went to this place called Faubourg on the west side of Vancouver in Kerrisdale. Kerrisdale is the cutest little place, it’s got red brick everywhere! Too bad I didn’t take a pic, my stomach was growling and I just wanted to find the restaurant and eat!

From the first sight, I fell in love with Faubourg. You should have seen me jump and squeal like a girl. Elephant walked away from me, I was that embarassing hah

sandwiches,bread,tarts, FOOD BOMBARDMENT!!
no idea what these are but they look freaking delicious

I initially heard about this place in the Vancouver Sun. What caught my eye in the newspaper was a picture of a gigantic window that looked into the restaurants kitchen. I mean, what kinda baking fanatic wouldn’t want to eat at restaurant that let’s you go behind the stage? 

THE window

I wanted to stand and stare through the window all day but the kitchen people noticed I kept looking at them. I felt awkward and creeperish, so I glued my butt to my chair.

pretty chandelier

This place was GOOD GOOD GOOD. The decor, the people, the french accents everywhere, I freaking love this place. I give it 9/5 stars. It  was 10/5 but then I found a chip on the cup so I took away a star. I’m hard to please 😉

Here’s a picture of Elephant. Someone please help me persuade her to try out for Canada’s/America’s Next Top Model.

She blends right in
first part: chocolate croissants, orange juice for Elephant, grapefruit for me
mmmm, warm and buttery and oh so chocolatey
second part: mini baguettes with whipped butter and apricot jam
cutest jar of jam ever

My cup of “HoCho”, Elephant decided to go calorie-easy and got herbal tea

HOT CHOCOLATE... in June.. ahaha don't judge

Elephant got her eggs scrambled, I like mine over-easy. She was still talking about the eggs 5 hours after our meal, the scrambled eggs rocked her world.

main part: fresh fruit salad, veggies with some kinda vinaigrette, 2 over-easy eggs
fooood alll overr the tableee

Best (and most pricey) breakfast ever!!! I want me some more croissants right now 🙁

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  1. Don’t you just love the place? I went there for High Tea in the beginning of the year and blogged about it. I still like the Secret Garden the best in Kerrisdale for authentic British High Tea but for French croissants and a great bistro experience Faubourg rocks!

    1. the secret garden? ooo i better check that out soon! thanks cakebrain, im so lucky to have a vancouverite blogger friend !

  2. I love small things! I want to steal away that little jam jar and just look at it’s adorableness. Hahaha I might have issues..

    That looks delicious. Going out to breakfast is the best.

    1. oh i noe! breakfast is my favourite meal, right after dessert 🙂

  3. All of those bakery goods look SOOOOO good! 😀 And I’m loving the mini jam jar, so cute!

  4. I would have jumped and squealed too!

    1. AHAAHA glad to hear im not the only crazy one!

  5. Omgaahh yuummm! I wish I lived closer to a fresh little bakery like this! What a fun and cute place to eat!

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