Beauty and the Beast Cake

Tale as old as time

True as it can beeee

Can you tell what the theme of this cake is? 😛

Someone asked me to make this Beauty and the Beast cake for a birthday party. Beauty and the beast is the birthday girls favourite fairy tale, so we thought: what the hey, let’s make a beauty and the beast themed cake!

When I was brainstorming for the design, I wanted to avoid the cliche and overdone princess style cake as much as possible. I’m talking bout those cakes where the cake is in a dome shape to look like a dress and then the top half of a doll body is stuck onto the top of it. I wanted to just adopt the theme and make something classic and romantic. Hopefully, I have captured that in this cake.

I spent wayyyy too much time to make this cake. We’re talking 25+ hours, the number is too embarassing for me to say. The main part that took up a lot of time was the decorating. I am NEVER working with fondant again. Fondant is a bee yautch. I knew I hated it for a reason. But something weird came over me and I suddenly I wanted to try the very thing that I’ve been avoiding: fondant. 

As unpleasant an experience as it was, I did learn a few things:

1. Do not stack the fondant decorations that you just spend 5 hours to make. They will stick together and then you’ll have to start all over again. That happened to me (durh) and, in my frustration, I wanted to pull all my hair out. 

2. When fondant is sticky, DO NOT add more icing sugar in the hopes to dry it up a bit. Icing sugar only makes it worst. Instead, use cornstarch. It will tame your fondant.

3. Storing a fondant covered cake in the fridge is a no-no. You’ll end up with “sweaty” fondant. Luckily, I learnt of this before I covered my cake in fondant.

4. Making fondant decorations is a tedious task.

5. It is impossible to cover a cake in fondant without wrinkling it.

Ok so maybe #4 and #5 were just complaints 😛

The fondant wasn’t the only thing that refused to cooperate, the royal icing was revolting against me too! I tried to make a dome out of royal icing to resemble the glass case that contained the rose in the movie. I piped a dome design over a metal bowl then let it set for 2 days to harden. However, when I tried to remove the dome from the bowl, the whole thing just shattered! Augh, talk about frustrating!

Jay, who ordered the cake, made a makeshift dome out of wires after he heard about my plight. I wish I was that innovative! I was way too fixated on creating a cake that was all-edible.

Completing a cake NEVER FELT SO GOOD. By the end of it, I actually swore off baking and said that “I’M NEVER GONNA BAKE AGAIN!”

But we all know that’s a total lie.

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  1. Oh wow girl, what a masterpiece!! Beauty and the beast is my favorite 🙂

    1. i wish i could make one and send it to u!

  2. blissfulbritt says:

    This is gorgeous! Another job well done!

    1. awww thank you britt! 🙂 if you ever visit vancouver, ill be sure to make u a cake to take home!


  4. are those real flower petals? they look amazing!

    1. hi kale! i am so flattered that you think the flower is real! I actually made it out of fondant 😛

  5. This cake is gorgeous! Oh gawsh, I’m kind of apprehensive about using fondant now! I’ve never used it, but someone gave me a tub. Thanks the tips!

    And I totally got the beauty and the beast vibe when I first saw the cake. The flower is incredibly beautiful!

    1. sweet! so the theme was obvious at first glance 🙂 i was afraid that this cake would be a bit of a stretch from beauty and the beast

      if you try out fondant, lemme know what you think about it. im actually less intimidated by fondant now and i want to learn more about it 😀

  6. I can’t believe how many times i’ve said “I will never bake again” but the scale proves me wrong :’D I could almost see belle’s dress right there. If the flower had its stalk and some of the petals falling apart like in the show…. oh, I’m gonna watch it again.

    1. that makes me so happy to hear! my hardwork in replicating belles dress paid off!

  7. Wish the royal icing dome didn’t break! But the cake is still amazing! DISNEY FOR THE WIN!

  8. I love Disney and I absolutely LOVE this cake! Your work is beautiful 🙂

  9. It’s a lot of hard work that paid off – the cake turned out just lovely!

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