Being “Productive”

This morning I got up at seven thirty, had some breakfast in front of the TV then got ready for school.

Walking to the bus stop was like walking through a mild snow storm. I couldn’t see a thing. Maybe it’s time for a haircut.

I was late to my first class by about 7 mins.

In my second class I frantically took notes without understanding a single word my monotone chem prof was reporting out. Then I gave up trying to understand and ate my granola bar. Note to granola bar companies if you’re reading this: please make your wrappers less loud and crinkly for those poor hungry students in quiet lecture halls.

Later, I met up with my friend and chit chatted for a bit about usual life things like the degradation of vitamin C.

People talk about that all the time right?

Then bought myself this phone and skipped home to fiddle with it for 6 hours while enjoying some chocolate truffles.

Multi-tasking is a skill folks.

What a day, I think I should sleep now to recharge myself for tomorrow.

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