Boston Cream Doughnuts!!!!!

These took forever to make! I started yesterday at 3 and ended at 5 30. I could’ve made a bajillion batches of cookies within that time! Oh gee.. I was so pooped by the end of it.

Doughnuts were on my List for quite a while now but I never got around to actually baking them. Lemme tell you a secret…

I am intimidated by yeast.

The last time I worked with yeast was during Home Ec in grade 9.

I have piles of baking fails with just cookies (and they’re supposed to be easy!) that I knew I would have a nervous breakdown if yeast baking fails piled on top of the piles. I just can’t handle anymore failures. I just can’t.

My friend came over to my house yesterday after we went out for lunch. We had nothing to do, but we had the whole day ahead of us so we were like LETS MAKE DOUGHNUTS!!

Oh and I meant ‘we’ as in ‘I’. He just sat and watched =.=

Little did we know, that was a very bad idea.

First off, it was scorching hot yesterday. I was sweating just sitting there. I didn’t need to move around in the kitchen and fry dough in hot oil.

Secondly, these took  forever to make! I’ve already mentioned this a bajillion times, but I’ll do it again, for emphasis: I’m the worst when it comes to having patience.

I hate waiting for things to rise =.= And this dough had needed to set and rise THREE times.

These doughnuts definitely weren’t simple, the printed recipe were three pages long. And they were also very time consuming BUT in the end it was all worth it. These were pretty darn good for a doughnut making virgin 🙂

I am not gonna bother typing out the whole recipe, it’ll take forever and it’s late and I have to wake up early and I’m tired. Click here if you have nothing to do on a hot sunny day.

P.S: These were my first boston cream doughnuts and they definitely won’t be my last!

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  1. I have always wanted to make doughnuts, but yeah the whole “time consuming part” worries me. Maybe when I find myself with nothing to do one day. (yeah right. when does that ever happen?)

  2. Hi sherry! OMG I JUST SAW URE COMMENTS! im still jumping and screaming from excitement! thank you for all the comments! now i know im not just talking to nobody!

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