well, won't cha look at that?

That’s right. I made my own butter.

Actually I did it by accident. Yepp, purely by accident.

Good things never happen to me. But today is a different day.

I love butter. Not really a fan of eating it, but I sure love baking with it. There’s just something bout it’s creaminess that takes a hold over me. It excites me every time I open the fridge and I see 10 blocks of this stuff. I love holding it’s cool weightiness in my palm when I take it out of the fridge. I love peeling it out of its foil wrapper and tipping it into my bowl and hearing the satisfactory ‘thud’ as it hits the bottom my bowl. I love peering my face into the bowl and smelling it.

At first, I was trying to make whipped cream for my mousse, but I whipped it a little too far and started getting small clumps of cream. I stopped and told myself, “Wait, this doesn’t look right.”

But I was wrong, very wrong.

I suddenly remembered reading a blog somewhere bout the making of butter and the brightest light bulb turned on in my head.

“OMG I’m making butter!” , was the first thing I screamed when I realized what I was doing.

Ah, I remember now, it was Joy the Baker’s blog. She’s the genius who taught me how to make butter. Thank ya!

So I continued creaming until I made me some buttah. Mmm…

Buttah makes the world go round.

Once you go a couple nano secs too far from the whipped cream stage, you will get clumps and a lot of liquid. The liquid is actually buttermilk, so save it! Take as much liquid out as you can then continue creamin'
After you creamed and took out excess liquid, you will get buttAH. Ta-da!

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  1. Nice! I’ve always wanted to make my own. Well, I have a ton of whipping cream in my fridge, so why not?

    1. i was actually quite shocked when it first happened! i was like: “OMG what is happening to my whipped cream?” then i remembered joy the baker, she’s a lifesaver!

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