Cake Truffles

What do you do when you completely mess up while making a cake and add 1 cup of water when you’re only supposed to add 1/2 cup and you end up with a cake that feels like rubber when you eat it?

Throw away the cake in disgust from the weird texture? Smash it on the floor and curse yourself for not reading the recipe more carefully?

Those were my instincts, but then I remembered Bakerella and her ingenious creation: THE cake truffle.

Most of you probably know the more common name ‘cake balls’ but I think calling them ‘truffles’ sounds so much more elegant. And European. Even though these have nothing to do with Europe.

I was baking some cupcakes back in the summer; and I chose my favourite cake recipe: The Black Magic Cake from Hershey’s.

I was starving and craving chocolate cake, but when I took these cupcakes out of the oven, I knew something didn’t look right. The top of the cupcakes looked bumpy and wart-like. Shivers.

Learning from young that I shouldn’t judge a cupcake by its appearance, I took a bite and confirmed that something definitely wasn’t right. THEY WERE TASTELESS AND RUBBERY!

After they cooled, I put them in a plastic bag and froze them. I’m the least picky eater, but I just couldn’t put anymore of that into my mouth. I couldn’t torture my tastebuds. I love them.

Every time I had leftover frosting, I took a couple of these out of the freezer and made cake truffles!

I made a batch using Hershey’s Perfectly Chocolate Icing and a second batch using the marshmellow frosting. Both were equally delectable but the chocolate icing and chocolate cake combo was definitely the winner in my opinion.

Check out Bakerella’s blog for full instructions and other ideas. She’s a pro at making these! I can’t even cover my truffles smoothly with chocolate. Sigh.

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