Favourite Place #1

I’m so lucky I live in Vancouver.

Look at where I run!

After weeks of living a sedentary lifestyle, I fnally went for a run today. It was actually kinda easy going back into it. I felt so good after. Running + Good scenery = orgasmic

I wanted to take more pictures but my phone ran out of battery! I run along the seawall, if you ever come to Vancouver you have to have to HAVE  TO come here.

I think I made my point.

Everytime I run on the seawall, I stop at Granville island, which is about 3km from when I reach the seawall or 4km from my house.

Granville island is so beautiful. I can’t even express how good it makes me feel when I’m there. The salty breeze, cool stores, and the market place, they all just paint the perfect picture. It’s also a good escape from all the toxic car exhaust fumes.

Here are some pictures I sneakily took. The guy at the chocolate stand looked like he was gonna shoo me away if I stayed there any longer without buying anything.


Big and tall cakes are good too.

I have no clue what these are but they look devilishly delicious. The sign for them said cinnamon discs. I think they should add “devilishly” in there somewhere. They look like they have 30000 calories, it’s good to be bad sometimes.

Now you know why I don’t take my wallet with me on runs.

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  1. That is one gorgeous bakery! I am sooo jealous.

    1. i have yet to try it! i think i’ll be hitting it up sometime this week!

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