I got them high school blues

today’s my sisters graduation! im gonna head out in about 10 mins but just wanted make a really fast post! 

oh man i can barely type with all the screaming and fussing behind me. 

before i go, here are some teasers! ill be back with the full recipe and pics of my sisters grad. For now, i guess ill have you show you guys mine from last year! 😛

if you make fun of my double chin ill cry 🙁

mini school fambam
the ladies
the fambam
the sibs
fambam plus gma
ohhh yee


anyone else miss high school? 

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  1. You and your sister are stunning!! 🙂 heck, your whole family is really good looking! have fun at her graduation, it sure can be a time of screaming and fussing haha

  2. Your prom dress is SO pretty. I miss all the excitement of looking for the perfect prom dress. Have fun at the graduation!

    1. thank you! my dress was so easy to find too when all my friends were freaking out bout their dress i just stood there and laughed at them 😛

  3. Such a beautiful family you have! My sister just graduated high school this week as well- I don’t miss high school for the most part, but definitely have some nostalgic memories from those days.

  4. Wow you guys really get dressed up for graduation! Not sayin’ that’s a bad thing but I didn’t get that glammed up for mine 3 years ago. Wow that makes me feel weird to say I graduated 3 years ago already.

    I think I do miss high school. I didn’t keep in touch with my high school friends after graduation very well so I miss having people to talk to and potentially hang out with. I need to learn how to make new friends haha!

    1. my social skills are lacking too, if i didnt have my high school friends i would have no friends!

  5. What pretty pictures! Your entire family’s good looking! haha I must admit that I do not miss high school one bit. I miss some of my buddies, but I’ve made more. College and married life was/is much better for me. Good things are always around the corner!

    1. aw i hope things turn out better for me too! but so far, university hasn’t been treating me well 🙁

  6. You are gooorrrrgeousss!!! Hope you had fun at the graduation!

    1. im gorgeous?! look whos talking! 🙂

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