I’m Back!!

Hi y’all! I’m back from the seattle and boy do I wish i wasn’t.

I gotta say, it was one of the best weekends i’ve ever had. It was so relaxed and I felt so carefree. It was nice, really nice.

The best part was just being able to hang out with some of my closest friends. I’ve known some of them since elementary school! We all moved from the same playground to the same high school jungle to the same university dungeon. I’m so so lucky to have them go through everything with me. So even though we didn’t do anything super exciting, just having their company was more than good enough for me.

This was the first time any of us have ever gone on a road trip sans family and we all agreed it was a REALLY good weekend.

All in all, seattle treated me well.

Our first stop, the public market. Location of the bestest (and most expensive) pink lady apples ever.

We went to the first starbucks ever and there were some cool people jamming out on their banjos.

Refuelling with some mcdicks.

Can you guess where we were from my expression? THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY. That place makes me grin like an idiot

The gang. we’re cool, don’t judge.

My dish from the cheesecake factory. MMmmmm

Then we checked into the hotel. I was still grinning like an idiot

In the hotel we danced. My moves are pretty awesome eh? (HA) Do you dance with your fruit?

Then we got tired of dancing so we gave each other roles from the movie inception. Guess who’s the lucky gal who got “the victim” =.=

Dancing and working inception roles made us hungry. To red lobster we went! Too bad there aren’t any in Vancouver. We pretended it was William’s birthday. Don’t look at me like you’ve never done it! It’s fun!

Their biscuits were so good we took some for the ride home. Highlarious

We were stuffed after lunch so we saved our cheesecake for a late night snack! There was cheesecake as far as the eye can see

I just really wanted to eat my cheesecake and stop taking pictures

Day 2, apple #2

We finished our weekend in Seattle high school musical style.

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    1. the food was amazing! i wanna go back!

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