I’m coming back..!


Hi you!

I’m sorry I’ve been such a snoozefest with all my emotional problems.

You came here for food, not for a 17 year old who’s bawling her eyes out over every single thing!

I apologize. Again. I’m so sorry.

If you read along regardless but felt too polite to leave a comment, thank you.

But don’t worry I’m slowly coming back..

.. to this blog and to getting back on my feet again!

I figured, why would I want to spend any more time feeling like crap?! It’s such a waste!

I want to look back on my freshman year and say. “Damn, those were some freaking good times.”

I’m just gonna let go and ride the waves 🙂

(I don’t make sense half the time, it’s a wonder my friends understand me)

Anyway, just because I wasn’t feeling my best, it didn’t mean I stopped baking!

Alright, it’s 3am, the perfect time to update my blog.

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