June in a nutshell

Wow, it’s been a month since my last post? I wouldn’t have realized it if Brenna didn’t send me this blunt, but much needed reminder: Update your blog missy.

I don’t really have an excuse. Yes, I do have 3 jobs and 1 summer course going on, but between all those things, I do have a lot of time left over. Instead of doing more productive things, I decline all social outings (is anyone else an introvert?) and spend HOURS lying on my couch in my pjs just watching my backed up DVR with one hand on the remote and the other in a family sized bag of chips. Family size = Connie size. (Have I ever disclosed my name before?)  I just have to stop showering for weeks on end then I’ll officially achieve SLOB status. Oh wait, I already do that….

Just kidding.

Just kidding about the just kidding. I’m actually not a religious shower-er.

Alright, now that that’s on the table, I feel like we’ve come to a milestone in our relationship. I always want to be open and honest with you guys, even if it means disclosing disgusting information about me 😛

ANYWAY, moving on, here’s my month  in a nutshell:

1. Baby bro graduated!!!! He’ll be studying Computer Sciences (nerd alert) at the same university that I go to!!!! Proud sister moment :’)


babybro graduated DSC04140 DSC04145

2. I delivered cakes and cupcakes to 2 events.

benzene cupcakes

green lantern cupcakes green lantern cake

3. Took night walks along the beach


4. Had my first cannoli ever at the Vancouver Italian Day Festival. I kept calling it cannelloni =.= It was so good that I didn’t want to be bothered with taking pictures of it.


5. Witnessed a giant duck invasion.

night market duck

6. Met a reader of my blog!  She also bakes!

I was working at the Wellness Centre, when someone walked in and asked “do you have a blog?” I looked up from my clipboard and replied “yes?” Then she asked “are you the cookie monster?!” And I screamed “YYEAHH!!!!” Then we hugged and squealed with excitement (ok I was doing most of the squealing.) This encounter made my month!


7. Baked a pie for the second time ever. It also failed, just like the first one. I’m gonna stick to cakes and cookies from now on.


8. Made a Ferrero Rocher bouquet for my bro’s grad… then forgot to bring it =.= Good job Connie, good job.


9. Attended what feels like a bajillion weddings. (I’m an event coordinator)

20130519_1733102 IMG_0373 IMG_0398 IMG_0454 IMG_0466

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  1. Ok #1-Hi Connie!
    #2-I also like to lay around in pj’s and watch TV and eat. And I’m also not a religious showerer. I probably shower like twice a week unless I have stuff that I especially wanna be pretty for.
    #3-Congrats to your bro!
    #4-Green lantern cupcakes/cake
    #5-I love cannoli!
    #6-Um that is too cool that you’re an event coordinator!
    #7-SO COOL that you met a reader!! I’ve never done that!

    1. it’s pretty awesome being a coordinator! i love seeing all the diff wedding themes and my fav part is watching the ceremony :’)

  2. Cakebrain says:

    lol! you’ve gotta love it when you meet a reader! I have yet to meet a reader from my food blog (that doesn’t already know me personally). I guess that’s ’cause of my alias! oh well. It’s okay. However, I’m sure one day in the future I’ll see you at a night market, perusing the aisles of Gourmet Warehouse, walking around near UBC (since I work nearby!) or grocery shopping at a Farmers’ Market one day! I’ll be sure to say hello too, and we’ll all squeal together in delight!

    1. cakebrain!!!! this may or may not sound creepy but the scenario of us meeting in vancouver has gone through my mind a couple of times! it always takes place in williams sonoma or cookworks 😛

  3. AHH that blog reader story is my favorite ever!! That is so amazing! SO COOL. Even cooler is making cakes and cupcakes for events!! You are awesome.

    1. youre huge in the blogging world, youre gonna meet a ton of fans one day!

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