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Food is powerful. Food tells stories. Food brings people together.

Hi, I’m Connie and I’m a food blogger from Canada. I’m also a registered dietitian and backpacker who daydreams about wandering in new places every free second I have. Throughout my life, food has been my center and grounding pinpoint.

Food is so much more than just fuel for the body.

It nurtures and heals.

It brings communities, family, and friends together through growing and harvest or just a simple end-of-the-day gathering.

It tells stories about culture, our planet and personal journeys.

It takes on so many meanings but above all I love that it is powerful because it is a language that we all share, no matter where we are from.

This is what I aim to showcase through my blog, the emotions and stories tied to food, via my recipes and photographs.


  • Recipe Development – creating original recipes that incorporate and showcase your product and brand
  • Food photography – capturing beautiful and story-telling pictures
  • Product Promotion – demonstrating how your product can be incorporated
  • Magazine Article Writing – sharing recounts of my memories, often about food and travel, or contribute a recipe and photos

As Seen In

Food52 – my recipe and photo for kahlua donuts made an appearance in their carefully curated collection of donuts

Archive Magazine – Centerfold picture taken by me of dark and moody kahlua donuts, story telling about my travels to Bali, and a recipe creation

Style Me Prettydessert table and baby shower photoshoot

Sweet Dreams Magazin (German) – A recipe and photo for matcha mango macarons

You can check out my Press+ Media page for more examples of where my work has appeared in media

Past brand partnerships include:

chocolate + connie food blog brand partnership

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Some samples of my food photography

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