My Hot Date

Dinner numero uno

Wanna see who my hot date was?

geez, look here!
thanks for your cooperation

here’s a pic of her! she is one of my bestest friends 🙂

She can bake, she’s super smart, she listens to me complain 24/7 (sorry elephant, but I have to let it out somewhere ;P) oh and she cooks now too! She hosted a dinner for me on Friday night and boy did she go above and beyond with it all!

Elephant is my nickname for her btw, if that got confusing ahah

Here’s just some of the things she had to do just so I could enjoy a fantastical dinner!

She’s a vegetarian but she still made me chicken :’) I love me some chicken all day, any day!
She cleaned her house
She made me quinoa with black bean AND mango! (I was torn b/w the two mix-ins) and an AWESOME dressing to top it
She made me a delectable strawberry lemonade
She had michael buble CDs in the CD player all ready to go for dinner
She put a nice table cloth on the table and brought out napkin-cloth-towels (sorry can’t think of the word right now LOL) that her grandma painted on! and her grandma’s artwork is SUPER impressivee!

quinoa, chicken, lemonade, MICHAEL BUBLE
the quinoa was SOO GOOOD
the artwork of elephant's grandma!

So what did I do?

I made her some mediocore berry tarts and a mousse cake that fell apart. I know I’m a terrible friend.

I’m not gonna post pics of the cake, it’s too depressing 🙁

photogenic tarts

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  1. I love me some chicken all day, any day, erry day as well 🙂
    Nothing like a hot date with one of your best friends!!

  2. Fun! At least your tarts look delicious! Sounds like a good time.

  3. I’m planning on making quinoa tomorrow…with fish! That looks like a nice meal! The tarts do look yummy!

  4. Those tarts look amazeballs!

    1. LOL “amazeballs” made me laugh

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