{CLOSED} Oatbox Review and Giveaway


The peeps at Oatbox contacted me a couple weeks ago about sampling one of their monthly subscription boxes for September. As much as I wanted to jump on that opportunity right away (um, hello free food!), I needed to make sure that it was a product that I would endorse and refer to my readers.

I clicked on their website with the intention of just doing a quick gander, but ended up staying there forever! What I found was a delicious product made right here in Canada using seasonal and wholesome ingredients. THAT is something I can definitely back up. I am a dietetic student after all and eating healthy + delicious + seasonal + local is like the ultimate sustainable practice for our bodies and for the environment.



Another reason why I really really really like Oatbox is because they care for something greater than their business. They are partnered with the Breakfast Club of Canada to help school-aged kids receive breakfast in their classrooms before the start of the day. Why is this important? Well, food security and food accessibility is a huge issue, even for a first world country like Canada. Children from food insecure families (families that are unable to purchase food for various reasons such as inaccessibility, low income, homelessness, etc) arrive at school feeling hungry and low in energy, which can affect their abilities to learn and thrive in school. With every box shipped out, Oatbox donates $1 to the cause and helps one child secure at least one meal every school day. 

Oatbox is easy and affordable to join. It’s just $20 a month and that’ll get you two unique mixes each month and the satisfaction of contributing to a great cause.



I’ve been eating Oatbox everyday for the last week and I can’t say enough good stuff about it. My siblings are probably so sick of hearing me half-talk-half-spray “OMG THIS IS SO GOOD” every morning with my mouth full during breakfast. This stuff is seriously ridic. For the September subscription box, I got two full-sized bags of granola, a glass jar and some recipe cards. One flavour is black cassis and coconut sugar muesli and the other is coffee, tahini & lemon. I tried the black cassis one first and LOVED IT. Fresh, full of flavour and chock full of mix-ins so it wasn’t just oatmeal. I was skeptical about the coffee one but it has quickly won me over with its sheer brilliance. COFFEE + OATMEAL in one is just too good to be true. It has also been helpful to have these granola mixes handy in the busy hectic mornings. I started my internship on Monday which means early mornings from here on out (yay…). Granola and yogurt in the glass jar has become my go-to for convenience, deliciousness, regulation of blood sugar, satiety, and GI tract happiness.


Luckily for you, the awesome peeps at Oatbox sent me two boxes of their kryptonite. Bless their beautiful souls! I will be giving away one of these amazing boxes that also contain 2 full sized bags of granola, a glass jar and recipe cards. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the rafflecoptor box and I’ll select a winner next Friday September 25th! Contest open to Canadian residents only (sorry international friends!)


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