10 years down: Reflections For The Rest of My 20s

What a transformative 10 years

I did the “checklist” thing
Got my bachelors
Got a job that was relevant to my bachelors
Moved out and started to live on my own

While that part of my life was linear, I feel like I lived another life that didn’t follow any plan or path at all.

A few surprises along the way
When I started my blog at 17, I had no idea that it would become this. This passion project that has grown with me, given me a space to create and share, and become my side business with so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I have been lucky enough to collaborate on projects with big brands and get published in magazines. I even unexpectedly started a catering business sharing my love of sweets with other dessert-loving people and be a part of their happy celebrations.

But it wasn’t always clear cut, I made mistakes (oh so many mistakes)
Ones where the consequences have left resounding effects
Ones that linger and weigh on my mind
Ones that were blessings in disguise
But all have taught me invaluable lessons

I lost
Layers of me that I outgrew
People who I thought were permanent
Time feeling inadequate
Experiences because I was too scared

I found
Love for traveling in 12 counties, 30 cities, 4 continents
Kindred souls all over the world
Healing by putting my broken pieces back together, differently every time
Beauty in endings, beginnings, light, darkness

I grew
From painful lessons

I’m still
Finding my way

I hope
To unfold and bloom boundlessly
To be brave and go forward into the unknown
To let go gracefully, of endings, of closed doors
To receive the unexpected, all the good there is to come
To keep being soft and vulnerable even when the world isn’t gentle
To stretch into life’s beauty and spill joy everywhere

In the words of David Bowie…

Turn and face the strange ch-ch-changes
There’s gonna be a different (wo)man
Time may change me
But I can’t trace time

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  1. You’re amazing, I couldn’t even begin to sum up my 20s like this. You’ve been through a lot and I really believe the 30’s are gonna be THE DECADE

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