Sliver Platter Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes

strawberry cheesecake cupcakes on a silver platter? yes please

Holy moly, when was the last time I posted? See, it was so long ago I don’t even remember it.

I work 5 days a week now and when I get home all I want to do is slouch on my couch. Work is tiring, especially if you stand for 8 hours at a time and plaster on the cheesiest smile for all the guests. I still like my jobs because I work with fun people but it just takes so much out of me.

Sometimes I wonder if I can keep my blog up like this. I post approx once a week which is barely anything. But I think about all of the people who read my blog and all the time I spent on it already. Just the thought of those 2 things can keep me going 😀

About the giveaway, I’m still deciding on what to give out. But it’s most likely gonna be some exercising accessory since most of my readers are really healthy ppl 🙂

Remember those awesome cupcakes I posted about last time? Those were seriously phenomenal. I’m usually a skeptic when I come across recipes with a superlative in it but these deserve to be called the BEST.

showstoppingly cute cupcakes
you know you want one
you’re droooling aren’t ya?
it was so fun photographing these

While I was making them I realized the cake itself doesn’t call for any cheesecake; that totally threw me off my rocker! But I tasted the dough and it tasted exactly like cheesecake! What the heck?! So I figured the plain yogurt in it must’ve given it that tangy cheesy flavour.

I’m a super amateur baker so these cupcakes definitely put my skills to the test. It called for whipping egg whites and then FOLDING them into the batter. When I read that my mind went :”dun dun dunnnnn”. I think I might’ve said that out loud too but that’s nothing unusual.

I had no clue what folding meant and I know how whipping egg whites can go completely wrong. So I whipped out Baking Illustrated (that is like THE OFFICIAL HANDBOOK of baking, I seriously love that book!) and learned what folding meant. Good thing I did because the cupcakes turned out AMAZING.

I brought them to work the next day and my friends raved about them!! They were still talking about them earlier this week!

And remember how I said my whole family hates the things I make? Well not this time! My brother ate 2 right after I finished making them and he even claimed to have the last cupcake and threatened us so we wouldn’t eat it.

he was so happy he got the first one
first bite…
the holyfoshizzlemanizzle-this-is-good expression

My sister is gonna kill me for this, but..

it was so good she was dumbfounded


aww yeeea 🙂

I know you’re dying to make them now so I’ll give you the recipe 🙂

Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting
source: Joylicious (her blog is under construction right now so I can’t find the link)


graham cracker crust:
2 cups graham cracker crumbs
1/2 c salted butter; melted
3 tablespoons sugar

1 1/2 c AP flour
1 tsp baking powder
12 tbsp salted butter, room temp
1 c + 2tbsp sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 c plain yogurt
4 large egg whites
2 c coarsely chopped strawberries

cream cheese icing:
8 oz cream cheese
1/2 c unsalted butter
4 c icing sugar

How To

Graham cracker crust:
1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F
2. Melt butter in a microwavable bowl then mix in graham cracker crumbs and sugar.
3. Line a muffin tin with paper cups and spoon in approx. 1 tbsp of this mixture into each cup and flatten with the bottom of a glass cup.
4. Bake for 3-5 mins then remove from oven to cool

1. Beat egg whites in a super clean bowl with super clean beaters until stiff (approx 3-4 mins), set aside until needed
2. Mix flour and baking powder together, set aside.
3. Cream butter with sugar until light and fluffy.
4. Turn to low speed and add vanilla, 1/2 flour mixture, all the yogurt and then the rest of the flour.  MIX BETWEEN EACH ADDITION.
5. FOLD in 1/3 of the egg whites into the batter.
6. FOLD in the rest of the egg whites, DO NOT OVERFOLD.
7. FOLD in strawberries.
8. Fill each muffin cup approx 3/4 then bake for approx 20 mins.

Cream cheese icing:
1. Cream butter and cream cheese together until smooth.
2. Add vanilla and mix.
3. Gradually add in icing sugar until desired texture and sweetness 

Yield: 20 cupcakes

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  1. Just to let you know, YES I drooled at those pics!! 😀 I also LOL’ed at “it was so good she was dumbfounded” I’d have the same expression as your sis!

    1. LOLOL i should send everyone paper towels to wipe off their keyboard 😉

  2. These look so freaking good!!!!

  3. These look dynamite — such a great summer cupcake!

  4. First of all, I totally know what you are saying about thinking once a week isn’t enough to keep a blog. HOWEVER, you don’t have to post everyday to keep us readers! I don’t mind waiting a week to learn your new recipes. I would mind if you left the blogging world though!! SO please don’t!

    OK secondly..YUM! I am in love with the thickness of the frosting. You make cupcakes that speak to my heart.

    1. “I would mind if you left the blogging world though!! SO please don’t!”

      ill never quit blogging! especially not after that comment :’)

  5. YES! Thank you for the recipe!

    1. you’re mighty welcome sara 🙂

  6. Those are just so cute. I love your cupcake wrappers. I have a sweet treat linky party going on at my blog till Monday and I’d love it if you’d come by and link your cupcakes up.

    1. oooo i would love to! i just went to your site but i have no idea how to link up my recipe 🙁 im a computer dummie

  7. No problem, I promise it’s easy. There’s a little blue tab with a frog’s head at the bottom of the post after all the pictures. Just click on it and you’ll be able to type in your information – the name of your treat, the URL of your post, and your e-mail address. Then, continue on to choose a picture and you’ll be good to go and all linked up. If all else fails, e-mail me and I’ll link it up for you.

  8. Yummmmmmmm – those look amazing!!

  9. Oh yeah! You have your whole family eating your baking and your coworkers too! I think your siblings’ faces say it all…looks yummy!

  10. Wow! Look at those gorgeous cupcakes! These are definitely calling my name!! 🙂

  11. your blog is SO CUTE!! I love the name! I will be starting my freshman year of college this fall. 🙂

    amazing recipe!!!

  12. you are so cute 🙂 these cupcakes= love I am sure!

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