The Big Move

First, I want to thank these fantastic ladies for sharing their stories about moving away from the house that they grew up in. I had no idea so many people would be able to resonate with me but it definitely made me feel less homesick.

I moved on the 25th which is exactly one week ago. I can’t believe I’ve only been here for a week! I’m getting used to this new place already. There’s one thing I will never get used to though: THE AMOUNT OF TIME IT TAKES TO COMMUTE ANYWHERE. From where I used to live, it used to only take me 30 mins MAX to get to school/work/downtown/Burnaby/Richmond. Now it takes me 90 mins to go to those same places =.= Not fun.

Before I show you some pics from moving day, I need to tell you guys something: 

I think I’m a workoholic. On top of being a chocoholic.

Lemme break down my summer for you:

– 4 part time jobs
– 1 course at school
– cake business on the side (blogiversary and spider-man cake coming up!) 

I just can’t say no, I’m a YES woman. If an opportunity presents itself, I will take it, that’s just how I am. I didn’t plan on having so many jobs, but I got accepted into every one that I applied to (which I did not expect at all!). Technically I won’t be working at 2 of the jobs that often, but I did promise my employers that I will work when I can. So I still hold the positions I just won’t be there regularly.

Just outta curiosity, how do you guys manage your time? Are you also a YES woman/man and like to take on way more than you should?


Here’s a pic of Mixy with me in the front seat. There was no way that I was gonna put Mixy in the moving truck.

move day

Dad staring at who knows what.

move day 2

Grams and Uncle putting together the dining table

move day 3

There was stuff everywhere! We had to temporarily use the basement staircase as a storage place.

move day 4

The clutter that is my bathroom. 

move day 5

UGH. dreading the clean up already!

move day 6

The clutter on my room floor.

move day 7

I’m just gonna take a break and lie on my bed for a bit…

move day 8

Oh shoot, the movers are here, gotta get up. I wanna own a moving truck, the electrical ramp is so much fun!

move day 9

Just riding on a moving cart 😛

move day 12

YES. We have cable and internet!!!

move day 10

We ended the day with a feast. Can you tell that we like our protein?

move day 11

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  1. i like your new place =]

    1. fankyoufankyou. but it’s really not that nice lol

  2. eek! 90 minutes to get anywhere? did you guys end up moving to the burbs? where? are u not in van anymore? yikes I feel for you with commuting. I’m a snob ’bout van…and will never move out of van if I can help it. I was born in Vancouver and haven’t lived anywhere else all my life. Travelled to lots o’ places but Vancouver’s still my fave place. Your house looks huge. Lucky you! I like the low-carb feast you have set out! right up my alley!

    1. no not in the burbs ahaha! but pretty close, i live right by playland 🙁

      i agree vancouver will always always be my home! cant imagine living anywhere else.

  3. I’m so glad your move went well! My family moved two years ago and I remember how stressful and exhausting that was. Our move was almost the opposite of yours- we moved closer to the city and it only takes us 30 minutes max to get downtown!

    1. it took us about 3 days to finally settle down, but some of our stuff is still in boxes 😛

      aw lucky you! long commutes are a pain!

  4. Seeing you move after 17 years of living in your old house reminds me of when I first moved to Canada from Thailand :’) Hopefully everything in your house is set up (my OCD was firing up when looking at the pictures of clutter)! That way, we can invade your house >:) jk. not really.

    1. ahaha its never gonna be clean…. so u guys will never be able to come here

  5. Housewarming party?!?!?!!? 😀

  6. Awww!! You’re so sweet. The new place looks gorge.

    And omg you are an insane woman with work! Make sure you sleep!

  7. I am so glad you are adjusting well the the move! That photo with the window that wraps around in the hall stairway is amazing!! I LOVE that you’re a YES woman!! I am too, I need to fill up my summer like yours!! Busy is not a bad thing!

  8. lol! I used to live a stone’s throw from the pne. On Wall St near Kamloops. Playland=close to BBy and that means close to Valley Bakery! whoohoo! Plus, you are near the Drive and Gourmet Warehouse. I know the neighbourhood well. Sunrise and Chinatown for cheapo veggies/food. You’re kind of close to downtown too. All is not lost. You don’t have to pay for parking when you go to the pne. Bonus!

    1. ahaha! thanks for helping me see the better side of things! 😛 those are good points, especially the bakery and pne reasons! is this bakery that amazing? i gotta check it out?

      oh btw, i went to gourmet warehouse for the first time yesterday. HEAVEN!

  9. Actually, all my Italian friends love Valley Bakery. It’s an institution. The Gateau St. Honore cake is the usual thing you order there. I like the fact you’re close to New Town Bakery in Chinatown…Huge steamed buns and famous apple tarts!

  10. Oh, I forgot! The Drive…you must try Fratelli’s bakery on Commercial Dr.

  11. Your place looks really nice. I want to live in a house like that.
    Nyahaha! 😀

    1. it’s not as nice as you think it is, im a really messy person! LOL

  12. Haha! Nah, It’s still nice! 😛
    Riding downhill looks fun.. Haha! I wanna try it..
    Nyahahhaha! 😀

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