The ROCKIN’-ESS Birthday Present


The pic was for my friend to feast her eyes on.

Second piece of information: I JUST realized the font colour of my posts have been gray. I’m sorry. I hope you didn’t go blind reading my blog.

So my friend celebrated her 19th birthday last friday. Her requests were simple, a gathering of friends at a restaurant downtown for dinner. Her wishlish was as simple as you could get. I love this girl, she never asks for much, as long as she’s with her friends, that’s all she needs. The item that stood out the most for me on her list was “A LOT OF CANDY”. So, I raked my brain trying to figure out how I could possibly kick that up a notch. I want to hand her a bag of candy, though she wouldn’t complain about it. I just wanted to give her a little something more special.

That’s when my creativity kicked in and I decided to make her this candy tower! I don’ t have a lot of creativity (being a science kid and all) but when it hits me, the ideas always knock my socks off with awesomeness.

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  1. I found your blog while searching for ideas on gifts. Often it becomes difficult to decide what to gift your loved ones. I am glad that I found your blog. By the way from where did you get this information from ? Did you researched google or some shopping store. kindly share here.

    1. hey there! no i didn’t research anywhere, the idea kinda just popped into my head while i was walking in michaels. If you’re looking for inspiration, definitely go there!

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