The Sister Graduates

Remember the photos I promised you about two posts ago? Well here I am with them! I always keep my promises 🙂

So my sister graduated from high school last last Friday, June 10th.

The family had a blast and the parents couldn’t be more proud. Ya see, there was never really any expectations for her cuz she’s more of a free spirit that like, but she made it into UBC (where I study as well), BC’s top university (I think) and THAT totally blew all of our minds. I mean, what kinda parents wouldn’t want their kids to go to a school like that? I always wanted her to follow her heart and go wherever she wants to, but I’m super happy she’s going to the same school as me cuz that means… SISTER LUNCH DATES EVERYDAY!!!!! 😀

She’s gonna get sick of me hah.

So here are the photos, feel free to ooo and ahhh the entire time you’re looking through them 😉

 i know my sister doesn’t read my blog, so i’m gonna get all mushy gushy. she hates it when i tell her mushy gushy things, so ill say em here. i love this girl, she’s always there for me no matter what. when i tell ppl things and they don’t sorta dose off, she perks up. when i tell ppl things and they look away cuz they don’t understand, she asks why cuz that’s how you give good feedback: by understanding what is being said. when ppl hear me complain for the bajillionth time and roll their eyes, she just laughs and says: it’s gonna be ok. doesn’t matter where I am, I can always count on her to keep me going. 

i know i have a double chin, don’t make fun 🙁

and way to pay attention becks and tomtom, always ruining photos 😛

congrats sis, I’m proud of you. and I know you absolutely hate dressing up and that you’ve never had this much makeup on in your life AND it was your first time wearing anything strapless, but you looked stunning that night 🙂

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  1. I don’t see any double-chins, but I do see a gorgeous family. What a gene pool!

    1. aww shucks tiff :S (<– that's me blushing lol)

  2. Awww I love that you have such an awesome relationship with your sister and family! Great photos. Horray for sister lunch dates!

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