Top 10 Recipes of 2016

Top 10 recipes of 2016 as voted by you! I ranked all of my recipes by number of page views and these came out as the top 10 MOST VIEWED recipes. Some of these have been reigning since last year. The popularity of each post is due to a different factor. Whether it’s the style of the photos, the story behind the recipe or just the food itself, these recipes made it into your hearts… and stomachs too, hopefully.

Top 10 recipes of 2016, here we go!


Ten | Cardamom Hot Chocolate

cardamom hot chocolate-20

Perfect for those rare cold Vancouver days. Though recently we have been getting hit with plenty of snow and single digit temperatures. When will cars start putting heaters in the cup holders?


Nine | Ombre Oreo Chocolate Cake

ombre oreo chocolate cake-6

Did not expect this to be a hit! I baked it for a friend’s little sister’s birthday, who is, by the way, only  The idea came to me randomly and I wasn’t even sure if it would turn out well, guess I was wrong. Always trust your gut instinct!


Eight | Pumpkin Ganache Macarons


This was one of those recipes that just exuded “YASSS”. Then I posted it and I got a whopping 100 views… whomp whomp. Now two years later, this has gained the hype that I thought it could live up to. Good job pumpkin.


Seven | Hazelnut Praline Ganache Cupcakes


Reigning champion for 3 years running! Ever since these made an appearance in the summer of 2014, these cupcakes have remained at the top of all food lovers favourites. These even got featured in Food52.


Six | Nutella Macarons


These have been reappearing all over the place since their birth on this blog. Must be the photography! I find that there is a positive correlation between the amount of fun that I have photoshooting and popularity.


Five | Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Cake


The celebration cake of all celebration cakes. It has its own crown of FERRERO ROCHER. Enough said.


Four | Reese Peanut Butter Cake


When I decided to be all fancy like the bakers in Australia.. and it turned out AWESOME… which is rare for me.


Three | Melting Chocolate Orbs


Remember when these were the hype of the year and you couldn’t go through 3 posts without seeing a video of these badboys on your Facebook feed? Well they weren’t just a fad, they’re still kicking around and made it into top 3!


Two | White Chocolate Matcha Brownies


Classic. Who doesn’t love tall stacks of matcha brownies studded with white chocolate chunks?


One | Homemade Pocky

First place two years in a row! All thanks to Buzzfeed, these came into fame overnight. “They’re like fairy wants, but in cookie form.” I took these one step further and made different shapes. And that is as wild as I’ll ever get.

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  1. YES! so many of my faves are on here! Happy new year girl <3

    1. happy new year to you too!! wish you the bestest of the best 🙂

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