Tutorial: Conversation Heart Macarons

Valentine’s day is coming up! Lending the idea of those candy hearts, I made conversation heart macarons. Personalized, funny, and best part of all, NOT chalky.

Here’s the video tutorial. More resources and tools are listed below!

To make life easier, use a stencil: heart macarons stencil

Here is the bakemat that I used to line my baking tray, it’s just like the Silpat but at a fraction of the cost!

Bake Mat – Non Silicone Baking Mat- Alternative to Silpat Baking Mat, Silicone Baking Mat – Baking Mat Set – Baking Mat With Measurements – Rolling Mat for Baking – Professional Baking Mat – Silicone Baking Mat Square – Baker Sheet


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    1. LOL I KNOW RIGHT?! I’m not usually one for cute things but these won my heart

  2. What a fun idea! I love making macarons and I love your video!

    1. thanks Allie! there’s something bout making macarons that’s just so therapeutic right?

  3. These are just the CUTEST! Definitely gonna have to try my hand at these macarons sometime soon, especially since I’ve never tried that before!

    1. no way! with your skills in pastry I thought you would’ve made them before! would love to see your final products!

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