Waking Up to Love

School has been really really hard on my physical and emotional health lately but that doesn’t keep me from smiling!

I can feel spring coming and soon it’ll be SUMMER!

I always knew that the weather here in Vancouver is weird, but lately it’s just been getting weirder. We get on and off periods of snow, rain and sun, all in one week!

When the sun comes out, it makes me want to grab my running shoes and head outside! I love the sun, it can turn my worst than crummy days into amazing ones. Right now it’s an on period with sunshine! I want to run so badly right now! But I have a midterm to study for.

Can I ask you for a favour?

If it’s sunny where you’re livnig, can you go on a run on my behalf? OH and listen to this song while doing it. It’ll make your day.

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