Walnut Toffee Cookies

I had such high hopes for these cookies. Not that these were a COMPLETE disaster, because they tasted pretty darn good, I just wish they were more photogenic. Oh well what can I do? Sometimes you gotta give to get.

I was a bit skeptical at first when I read over the recipe; it didn’t have any brown sugar! Isn’t one of the main things that make your cookies super soft and chewy? I was afraid that I would end up with cookies from the stone age but I went with it anyway.

However folks, do not be deceived by it’s appearance and brown-sugar deficiency…

…these turned out just the opposite of what I expected! They were ridonculously chewy. Like ridonculously. I don’t think I’ve ever had a chewier cookie and I have had a fair amount of cookies. They were also super buttery and had nice sweet flavour. I will definitely be making these again, cept I’ll trade in some store-bought toffee bits for the homemade ones I used.

Will post the recipe once I find it again!

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