Year Three – 3rd Blogiversary


About a month ago, It’s the Cookie Monster turned 3 years old. 

In some ways, these three years have gone by really fast. I went from a 17 year old in her final year of high school, to a 20 year old entering her final year of university. I left my shyness, some of my uncertainty and cringingly-embarrassing memories (I was (and still am) a really awkward person) behind and grew into a more confident, self-assured woman. I put myself out there and tried as many new things as I possibly could, involved myself in leadership programs on campus and stepped out of my comfort zone to work in entirely different jobs.  

Everyday, I strive towards my goals of becoming a dietitian and baker/cake decorator. Each day, I absorb as much as I can, I am constantly learning. I know what I’m good at and what I definitely need to work on. I met hundreds of new people; hated some, loved some and was inspired by many. I made new friendships and dissolved the ones that just weren’t working out. I’ve become a mentally healthier person by figuring out what I want in life and what I will not put up with. I have grown into a more pronounced Connie because I finally got out of my own way. 

This blog has done a fair bit of growing as well.

Just this past year:

1. Got a makeover by my sister, who was studying web development. She redesigned my blog for her term project 😀

2. The Facebook page jumped from 50 fans to 211 (the major famous bloggers must be laughing their heads off right now)

3. It was the medium for my many outlets: cake creations, rants and all my feeelsss

4. It helped me get started on MY CAKE EMPIRE MUUAAHAHAHAH! You can check out the cakes that I have sold here, here, here, here, and here.

5. It allowed me to stay connected with some pretty awesome bloggers. You know who you are 🙂

Just for fun, I thought you might be interested in knowing how much chocolate I ate last year.

I don’t photograph ALL the chocolate that I eat, this is the MINIMAL amount. I can tell you for a fact that I eat 6.89 times more chocolate than this 😛

1. 6 bags of Ghirardelli natural milk chocolate chips, and 3 bags of Ghirardelli natural bittersweet chips.


2. 4 bags of President’s Choice white chocolate chips 


3. This honking Lindt dark chocolate bar, courtesy of my friend Jeanette.


4. Mini Toblerone! Courtesy of my friend Stephanie. I totally missed my mouth, whoops.




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  1. good thing you’re skinny girl…you have lots of room for chocolate and cake! I have to go work out now so I can make room for all the GF cakes I got for mother’s day!

  2. oh how I miss President’s Choice!
    I love your love of sugar. it is a pure love. 🙂

  3. Bahaha I love your chocolate photos!! AND THAT CAKE from the beginning of the post! I am so proud of you and your blog!! You are an inspiration my friend!

  4. Happy …birthday? to your blog 😛 And may you continue to melt in the goodness of chocolate!

  5. Happy blog birthday! I love all the chocolate pictures!

  6. Maybe you should consider changing your blog’s name to “it’s the chocolate monster”, because clearly you have a problem 😉 Not that I’m judging, *whispers* because I buy the stuff in bulk 🙂

    In all seriousness though, Happy Anniversary! I look forward to seeing what creations you come up with this year.

    1. thanks starr! I am actually considering changing my blog name, your idea is perfect! LOL

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